The Art of Needle Felting

My passion is for natural fibres and portraiture. Combining the two has given me the ability to create art that is more organic, and the result is work that speaks to the viewer. Most orders are a tribute to the life of the pet and the owner has an emotional connection, so when a portrait is commissioned I want to make sure that the pet is realistically portrayed. The eyes draw you in and make you believe they are speaking to you long after they are gone.

Using photos, an exact likeness is created layer by layer using wool and other fibres. The portrait takes on a 3D quality and comes alive. Consulting with the customer throughout the entire process, I am able to create a work of art that is cherished by the owner.

When a person or family loses their beloved pet there is a void in their lives. The greatest feeling is seeing the joy on their faces when the portrait is revealed. It gives them a memorial that they can cherish.